Scarlet Mustard, in the satin basque, with the top hat fascinator
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Found Object Burlesque Names. They're all around us.
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Alberto Balsam is available for your bachelorette party.

[Been working on tax issues, so YES, I needed a laugh.]
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Going to look in my cupboard now.
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> Alberto Balsam is available for your bachelorette party.

Hm. Yeah. It's not like Aphex Twin is generally conducive to ecdysial writhing, but I guess you could make this work.
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I've long thought Yum Yum Sucré would be a good name for a Franco-Manitoban drag queen.
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As far as the post title goes, "Scarlett Mustard" (as featured in the link) is substantially more burlesque that the single-T version.

The more you know!
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Back when I used this Emoji Fortune Generator it gave me "Dizzy Dollar Rose".

I've never used it since. Anything else could only be a disappointment. But if I ever sashay down a dusty saloon staircase while the ragtime plays on an out-of-tune piany and the whiskey flows freely, I know what to tell that tall stranger to call me.
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I can't find the original flier/menu I saved, but "Mr. Crepito" here in Athens cracks me up. And this is not a found performer name, but how much do you love "Burgering House"? Sounds like the perfect venue for Mr. Crepito.
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