It is a good day to Die Walküre.
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The Pacific Opera Project has mounted a production of a the Star Trek/Mozart mashup that this galaxy so desperately needs. Klingon Opera purists will likely be disappointed, though. It's been a while since Terrans have turned their ears and their eyes to the stars for operatic inspiration, so this work fills a yawning void in the canon.
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And on that (ahem) note, anyone know what version of 'The Ride of the Valkyries' that was on Morning Edition today?
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I'm curious to know what the Klingons look like in that production. Judging from the picture with the article, the Starfleet uniforms are closest to the Abrams/reboot did they go with TOS-era Klingons, post-TOS Klingons, or reboot Klingons?
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They're definitely TNG-era Klingons, including one who regrettably appears to be wearing blackface. I imagine they used the reboot uniforms because that's what was for sale at the local Party City. (Hey, opera companies don't have big budgets these days.)
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I'm sorry but no, until Le Wrath Di Khan is flushed out to a full production and performed at La Scala all other Star Trek related opera work is on hold.
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Shaw's production originated at the Southern Illinois Music Festival last summer. There's a complete video. There are more traditional productions (from elsewhere) available as well.
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This is cool, I think. Die Entführung aus dem Serail is supposed to be fun (in addition to the displays of vocal virtuosity).
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Personally, though, this opera isn't my favorite. Too many notes.
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Interesting. Allow me to present a counter-offer: "No."
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This sounds like a lot of fun. Wish I could see it.

They're definitely TNG-era Klingons, including one who regrettably appears to be wearing blackface.

Well, you could also say they're old school Trek movie Klingons, too. And yeah, it's always been a little awkward when Trek covers white actors in coppery paint to make them Klingons, but... it's not like they're pretending to be any ethnic group from Earth, so calling it blackface seems a bit much.
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The Seattle Opera and the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum are just steps apart from each other in Seattle Center. I can hardly wait for the next Wagner Ring Cycle.

"A long time ago in a libretto far, far away... "
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