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The Tub Adventure. The Stupid Room. The Gaming Guyz Game (watch their complete animated hijinx here). The Tube Adventure. The Tilted Cart. All by Shmorky (Tumblr, Twitter).

Can you find the secret glitchy 'minus-world' in each game (including The Tilted Cart's 'best ending')? Shmorky has an interest in glitches, 'minus worlds' and dummied-out content in games (and even found the elusive last line of the hidden limerick in A Boy and His Blob). Also, something you probably won't find on your own: there's a trophy you can get in the Gaming Guyz Game (and yes it has trophies, and a reward for getting them all in one playthrough) for stopping just short of reaching the glitch world.
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Is there a way to skip/fast forward the animations following each decision? It gets a little tedious to hear the same funny-once sketches over and over again.
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@sashmorky is one of my favorite Twitter followees, she's fun and incisive and talented, especially with pixel art. Looking forward to checking these out.
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I... I have been a fan of Smorky since her tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog but did not know to this day she was a human woman. I feel terrible now. In my defense, I was not paying very close attention.
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Some encyclopedia you are.

Actually, I'm going on assumptions; I could very well be wrong! But I'm pretty sure I'm right.
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Glitch and "minus" worlds are great.

An episode of Steven Universe ("The Test") has a great bit where the character exploring a kind of virtual space finds a way outside the place he was expected to be, and ends up "outside the level." It's a wonderfully evocative moment, like what Mario must have saw when he leaped over the pipe in 1-2 heading to the warp zone.

Castlevania II is a game with substantial flaws, but one of the cool parts of it is that the "mansions" (more like dungeons) in the game have these black voids outside the main level, representing the area outside the dungeon. Except awesomely, in a couple of places you can jump through walls and get into them, and in fact nearly have to in the last dungeon because the stake merchant is hanging out out there. (Technically you can buy an extra stake in an earlier level and carry it forward.)
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Ah, didn't know that about Shmorky. That's pretty awesome!

Alas, it's getting harder for me to remember what pronouns to use for people. I already have trouble with names.
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Well now I don't know what to think! I guess I will continue to not pay close attention which I guess is what Shmorky wanted after all.
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I feel that "shmorky" should be one of the alternative choices for pronouns for EVERYBODY. But I feel the same for "foop".
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I think I had played all of these except for The Tilted Cart but didn't know they all had minus worlds.

As a genre most of these are influenced by adventure games, and I guess the Stupid Room is a room escape game. Which is a good fit for Flash games, and plays to Shmorky's strengths by doing as much as possible with animaiton. But it's not a genre that I typically associate with these sorts of glitches or minus worlds.
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A hint for Tube Adventure's glitch world: the key is a number - the number of one of the most famous glitch levels of all.
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I don't know why but all I can think of now when I see Shmorky is the babyfur fetish stuff and the sudden cartoonization of their character/voice on Lowtax's LPs. I still think the presidential ad campaign for Cobra Commander is one of the funniest flash cartoons of all time and basically all of the animated weekend webs are amazing.
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"Some encyclopedia you are" is now officially my favorite comment on the internet
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