Whatever could Charlie Brown & Charlie Hebdo have to do with each other?
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"The relationship between Charlie Brown and Charlie Mensuel was nevertheless an odd one. The first cover of Charlie Mensuel may have featured Snoopy snoozing on his doghouse, but by the second issue one could already sense the bawdy direction in which the magazine would be heading. Drawn by Al Capp, it features an orange seal, grinning. Look at it again, and you'll see that it doubles as a smiling phallus. The next two covers featured cartoons by Schulz—Linus with his security blanket, Charlie Brown with a valentine. But by the sixth cover, it was back to bawd: Wolinski, maker of many dirty pictures, drew the face of a smiling man with a tiny, scantily clad lady riding on his nose." (SLAtlantic)
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The Al Capp drawing is a Shmoo, not an "orange seal, grinning."
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Yeah, I was gonna point out the Shmoo as well. That's kind of a major mistake....
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Y'know, if you can't tell a Shmoo from a goddamn seal, you got no business writing about com...

Oh, hey everyone, looks like you got that covered already.
(slinks away to RTFA)

Thing does look like a pecker though.
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Thing does look like a pecker though.

To be fair, a Shmoo can stand in for just about anything, so....
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I'm sure Schulz knew about Charlie Mensuel. You know why? Lawyers.
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On my bookshelf I have a volume called Monsieur Schulz et sea Peanuts, by Marion Vidal, from 1976, which contains an admiring essay about Peanuts plus satirical and mostly NSFW hommages by the top French cartoonists of the day. I don't think it's that hard to understand— as I've said before, Peanuts is an existential rumination disguised as a gag comic.
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The Shmoo was a Big Thing in 1949-1950. Have to say, the NSFW suggestion never occurred to me as a child, nor even as an adult, nor presumably to the US government, which created the Shmoo Savings Bond to replace the Disney Savings Bond as a way to teach thrift to the youth of America.

Mind you, Capp himself was something of a lech, so who can say?
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Al Capp wasn't a "lech." He was a rapist. The link you post details several sexual assaults. That's like calling Bill Cosby "a lech."
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In the mid to late seventies, Charlie Hebdo was the best bandes dessinées magazine (for mature audiences) in France, along with Métal Hurlant. The French production of that time has a gleeful smutiness that has no equivalent in anglo-saxon comics, only perhaps in the early Crumb material.
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There may also have been a certain Charlie de Gaulle in there somewhere.
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