Follow the Geeks Chapter 3
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Gina Trapani described that weekend as a slow boil. There wasn't a tangible concept yet. But there was something there—a problem she needed to solve. It was early 2009, and an idea had been nagging her for more than a year. She left Lifehacker in large part because she was ready to stop writing about all the apps other people were making and start creating some of her own. Just weeks after she stepped down as the editor, she had a phone conversation with her former boss, Gawker chief Nick Denton. "There's a Twitter app I want to build," she had told him.
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Oh man, I enjoyed this so much!
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That was really interesting - thanks! It's because of lifehacker c. early 2006 that I found metafilter, so I'll always have a soft spot for it.
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Idem, rtha. I ended up on Metafilter through the Ask Mefi roundups Lifehacker used to do, way in the beginning.
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Me too!!!
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The web version of ThinkUp and the roll-your-own version of ThinkUp seem very different. My roll-your-own installation seems not buggy, but not great in interface terms. Anyone use the web/paid-for version?
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i'm a very happy user of the paid version; let me know if you have any questions.

also feel that anil will swoop through this thread and favorite everything any second now (and answer questions).
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This is indeed an interesting piece but I still don't really understand Think Up, what it does, or who it's for.
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It's for people who use twitter a heck of a lot and love personal quantification.
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But who need to pay for that info too? Every month.
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Some of the data seems like it could be useful to a business, so I initially wondered if it was targeted to social media marketers. If so, then it seems even more confused, because there are products on the market that provide 10x this data.
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That was a really well-written piece about a really neat person (and also a perfect example of how to handle someone's homosexuality in a tech story). Hadn't heard of the Follow the Geeks book project before, and sorry i missed the first two free chapters, but definitely looking forward to the rest.
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Count me as another who found Metafilter through Lifehacker's AskMetafilter roundups. I've never really enjoyed Lifehacker quite as much since Gina Trapani left, not because the articles are significantly less useful, but more because she writes with quite a distinctive voice. Her Geek to Live series was something I particularly enjoyed. I've never really understood ThinkUp, but I think that's partly because social media has never much been a professional tool for me.
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Great read. I've been a fan of hers for years.
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