"Uncertainty itself can lead to a lot of distress for humans"
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So says Dan Grupe in this article about Emily 'Dear Prudence' Yoffe, anxiety and the stress of not knowing.
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After reading it, I don't know what to think about this article.

This worries me.
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In case anyone is curious, I did a quick google search and found a version of the Intolerance Uncertainty Scale, including questions and scoring info. Not sure if it's the exact version mentioned in the article, but you can find it here. (warning: link goes directly to a pdf)
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Although the scale I linked to doesn't actually give you much to go on. Like, if I score greater than 50, does that mean that I have abnormally high intolerance of uncertainty? Or normal intolerance of uncertainty?

Or maybe this is part of the test, and my inability to deal with the uncertainty of the scale for the test already tells me all I need to know.

(I scored a 77.)
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It can also lead to Ask Metafilter.
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