Glühbirne, glowing pear
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Radu Zaciu photographs fruits and vegetables in a different lightone emanating from their core.

Emily Blincoe arranges them.
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Cabbage is my new favorite vegetable. Cauliflower, on the other hand, I just don't know any more.
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Oh, man, he just put lights inside! The real deal is the pickle light!
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Lovely! I like the subtle glow of the brussel sprout.
posted by Thella at 6:10 AM on March 24, 2015

I was hoping this would rely on emissions from natural radioactivity hitting film.
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Interesting, but no thank you. I prefer my vegetables fresh, but not glowing.
posted by BlueHorse at 7:06 AM on March 24, 2015

Neat. Some of these would make good special effects for scifi TV. Compare to this.
posted by General Tonic at 7:29 AM on March 24, 2015

Oh, some nice ones here, and it really highlight that 'nature uses the same forms over and over' thing. Kiwi!
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I love the smooth lines of the fennel and the colour of the dragonfruit. Gorgeous
posted by torisaur at 8:09 AM on March 24, 2015

The pineapple is gorgeous.
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I'd love to see these in other wavelengths, like IR, UV, and soft X-ray.
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That cauliflower. Oh man.
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