An insider's take on the olympics
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An insider's take on the olympics Working at the speed skating rink apparently holds ample opportunity for port-a-loo incidents and other funny not-so Olympic moments.
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One fella's inside look at the Olympic entrails ... I've been looking for this. Are there others?

And funny to boot.

How male skaters dis' one another:
"Dude, you looked fat in Sports Illustrated"

posted by sacre_bleu at 6:57 PM on February 15, 2002 is Josh Benton's blog. He's there as the Olympic reporter for the Dallas Morning News.
posted by LeiaS at 6:59 PM on February 15, 2002

Tremendous link, jester. I only had time to read a couple of entries at work, but I'm looking forward to devouring the rest of it when I get home tonight.
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I especially liked "I Like Chinese" on February 12th. It's vaguely possible the chinese were testing the security, just to see for their own amusement how serious Americans really are about it. I bet on many levels they found that more entertaining than rednecks find most sitcoms.

Shame he probably won't get commended for doing his job so well, but I bet things would have gotten really bad for him had he allowed himself to be intimidated by fifteen official lookin' dudes.
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