264 keys and an infinite amount of NOLA soul
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Stevenson J. Palfi’s 1982 documentary Piano Players Rarely Ever Play Together (58:19) is a remarkable look at three generations of New Orleans keyboard masters, Isidore “Tuts” Washington, Henry “Professor Longhair” Byrd, and Allen Toussaint.
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NOTE: There are some glitchy little blips of noise here and there throughout the video, which are slightly annoying, of course, but… that's life on the YouTubes.
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I haven't seen this wonderful thing in years . . . Thanks flapjax!
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During the film there is a brief excerpt from one particular concert which you can see in its entirety at you Tube as well: DR. JOHN: NEW ORLEANS SWAMP 1974. Recommended!
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There is a documentary in progress called Professor Longhair: Making a Gumbo.

Also, the James Booker documentary Bayou Maharajah is quite good.

And Les Blank's Always for Pleasure has recently been given the Criterion treatment.
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I haven't seen this since sometime in the mid-1980s, but I remember enjoying it very much back then and am looking forward to a re-watch. Thanks for the post, flapjax at midnite!
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