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Got a recipe with an ingredient you can't find? Never fear, the Cook's Thesaurus is here. The Cook's Thesaurus contains information on thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools, including recommended substitutions and commentary on flavors, and is especially useful for people learning to improvise in the kitchen. Entries range from callaloo to huauzontle to Velveeta. There's even sometimes a bit of colorful commentary, as in the entry for chipped beef.
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Nice! Thanks for posting this!
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It's a great site. One of my first bookmarks ever!
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More food should use the "shit on a shingle" naming style.

chocolate ice cream: poop by the scoop

hamburger, medium rare: blood in a bun

grilled cheese: mucus on melba

milk shake: slurry through a straw

fluffernutter: feces and fluff
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Shit on a shingle can be pretty tasty. Like any other dish, it's all about what the cook can do with it. It's not all that different from sausage gravy and biscuits.
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Shit on a shingle can be pretty tasty.

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I already know I am going to read through every entry on this site. Thanks!
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Shit on a shingle can be pretty tasty

second this. many, many boy scout meals of my youth were shit on a shingle (with varying degrees of deliciousness that were often proportional to hunger). Last fall I had part of the traditional side of beef from my aunt's cattle made into chipped beef by the butcher, and I introduced my kids to this "delicacy". As it turns out they love it and has become a frequent request for breakfast.
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Oh wow, yes. Thank you.

I don't think I've ever had shit on a shingle. Must try.
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When I was little my mom and dad went on vacation, leaving the German neighbor lady, Uta, to take care of us kids. When she asked us what we wanted for dinner we told her "Buffalo Chips on Toast," for that is what our ever proper mother called it. Uta had no idea. When my mom called to check up on us Uta asked her how to make Buffalo Chips on Toast. Mom explained.
Uta said "Oh! You mean Shit on a Shingle!"
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Hey, this is pretty good! I've just been learning about Indian cooking and the Indian Spices category is pretty good. It's quite a challenge to with names in several different languages, see for example "nigella = black onion seeds = kalonji = calonji = habasoda = ketza = black caraway". Particularly when the flavor is hard to pin down; the recommended substitutions are "cumin seeds OR sesame seeds OR oregano". Um, OK.
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My favorite snark from a recent Mefi thread on AllRecipes comments: "can I make this without the ingredients?"
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We occasionally had "chipped beef on toast" - it was comfort food to be sure. In a much later event, I was at a friend's house and he asked his mom what was for dinner and her response, "shit on a shingle". After recovering from the serious WTF, I found out it was chipped beef on toast. I don't think I heard the word 'shit' come out of my parents' mouths until I was in college.
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We just call it SOS. You know, for the kids
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I don't think I've ever had shit on a shingle. Must try.
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I love this site. And this reminds me I need to mirror it in case it disappears someday.
(I'm always pleasantly surprised to find it still kicking around when I need it)
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Also, every month is red cabbage month!
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When I was in the Navy, what is being described as shit on a shingle made with dried beef, we called it creamed foreskins. Shit on a shingle on the other hand was a hamburger type gravy often made much like spaghetti sauce.
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Shit on a shingle, referred to as Creamed chipped beef on toast, was a staple of my youth. esp. as a kids' dinner if my parents were going out. My ex- introduced me to the term, and we called it SOS.

Best dip - cream cheese, chopped chipped beef, horseradish juice, horseradish to taste.

Thanks for posting this when I'm going to have limited Internet access...
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This is hazy-memory-maybe-I-read-it-in-Herb-Caen's-column-back-in-the-day territory, but back during the early '80s one restaurant in San Francisco had a breakfast special on the board for Fleet Week: sautéed Japanese mushrooms over toast — aka, shiitake on a shingle.
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