Aussies v. Black Caps
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In a few short hours the final of the Cricket World Cup will be held at the 'G. With some games of the World Cup reaching a billion viewers globally, it has now come down to a dream final between co-hosts Australia, who have won the cup four times, and first time finalists New Zealand.

Australia have been installed as favorites, with concern (or not) about NZ's ability to handle the size of the MCG. Emotions are high on both sides, with the announcement that this will be the Australian captain's last international one-day game, and terminally ill New Zealand cricket legend Martin Crowe describing this as likely to be the last game he'll ever see. In any event, plenty of New Zealand's Beige Brigade are making their way across the ditch to support their team, while Aussie fans prepare for hosting the final at home in Melbourne.

The competition so far has provided some magic moments including:

- Huge hits
- Super work in the field (even if unrewarded)
- Top bowling
- Last minute heroics
- Outstanding sportsmanship

New Zealand fans will be sadly without the services of its Alternative Commentary Collective (some content NSFW) today, after their accreditation was pulled, and who have called the "absolute scenes" of the NZ games so far. Their adult-rated(NSFW) cricket commentary, from inside a 1975 Sprite Alphine caravan, has produced a cult following as they renamed the NZ team members (including crowd favorite - the Hairy Javelin(lyrics NSFW)).

Cricket is a game that inspires its fans, and for those teams who didn't make the final, there have been somewhat passionate reactions. And of course no post about Australia and NZ cricket rivalry would be complete without a reference to "the underarm incident ", which also occurred at the MCG 34 years ago.
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Is there a free site to legally watch it in the US?
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ESPN appears to have the US rights and is selling some sort of online subscription to tune in.
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Is there a free site to legally watch it in the US?

I believe ESPN3 has the rights as mentioned above. In the slightly grey legal column, I'm told that smartcric dot com may be able to assist you as well....
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Excellent, thanks much.
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Woo. "Go Black Caps!" from an Indian fan.
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Looking forward to this a great deal; hoping for a tight game, and may the best team on the day carry the spoils!
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So at 1:29 in the Huge Hits clip, is that at all unusual to hit the ball backwards, behind the batsman? That was amazing.
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No not at all unusual. Though obviously the standard of batting in that clip is rather high.
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South African fan here hoping NZ win. Partially because they deserve to but mainly because I'd love to see Australia finally lose a final.
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Australia have been installed as favorites, with concern (or not) about NZ's ability to handle the size of the MCG.

Yes, #MCGsobig has been a gift that keeps on giving. "Kane Williamson's" ill-fated expedition to find the pitch stands as a yet another reminder that the dangers of the Australian bush are not to be underestimated.
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Australia finally lose a final.

They lost in 1996 to Sri Lanka.
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Well, that was quick.
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1-1 already!
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Sometimes, it pays to get your eye in.
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Most of Pakistan rooting for the Black Caps
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That was a craking first over.
posted by coriolisdave at 8:38 PM on March 28, 2015

wow that's a big blow for NZ
posted by dhruva at 8:51 PM on March 28, 2015

It was always the plan to bring Old' Steady the Ship Williamson in early....grumble grumble - damn it McCullum
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What the actual shit.
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No Guppy! No!!!!
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Kiwis looking pretty uncomfortable. :(
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Oh dear.
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Big job ahead for Taylor and Elliot here.
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Mitch's to the left of them, Mitch's to the right of them.
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Yeah, I dunno, I reckon five hundred is a little optimistic...
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I was gutted for SA, but guess i'll root for the black caps in the final as the underdog. the are not having an easy go atm tho.
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Restricting Australia to a total of about 200 seems like an unlikely prospect.
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200? 183.
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Can Australia do it in twenty?
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We would tie the record for lowest defended world cup score if we pull this off. Come on, boult.
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Horse has boulted, I'm afraid.
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Well, that's that.
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Really good bowling from Australia. Pretty much took the game away from New Zealand. With the way the Black Caps have played the game I'm sure they'll be treated like heroes on their return to the country. They never let the odds get them down. Well done and be proud
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No interviews for NZ players. No awards shown for NZ players. There was much interviewing of when and how long and how hard the partying would be etc. Poor form TV.
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Well done Australia - better team on the day for sure and well deserved. So then....ummm....I guess it's onto the Rugby World Cup instead?
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Poor form TV.

Channel 9, the usual triumphalist rubbish. Put the radio on.


What was that about "poor form"?
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I was momentarily crushed by this result when I woke up to it this morning. Until I remembered John Key was still Prime Minister, and then I felt better about it.

What can we conclude from this? Starc is going to be a wonderful bowler. New Zealand, despite their undeniable improvement over the last couple of years, are still a fundamentally vulnerable side. New Zealand cricket teams, due to the low overall numbers of professional players in the country, have traditionally relied on two, perhaps three players of true international quality, while the rest are just good enough to make the side. Indeed, where there have been as many as three of these players (M. Crowe + Turner + Hadlee, say), NZ has performed very well. This side is no different, if, perhaps, a little stronger than usual. The "true internationals" here are McCullum, Williamson, and Boult, accompanied by a strong cadre of promising players (Henry), former "true internationals" (Vettori and Taylor) who are now over the hill, and others (Southee, Guptill) who are capable of good performances but can't produce those consistently enough to be considered "true internationals." What Australia did was neutralise NZ's key quality batsmen early, essentially taking NZ's bowling out of the equation. The game was essentially over once McCullum and Williamson were out cheaply.

Make no mistake, though: historically speaking, this is a very strong NZ side. But they were always likely fold sooner or later. NZ sides are inherently brittle.
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Auckland: going to spend the afternoon watching the cricket.
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This American has finally learned to appreciate cricket with this World Cup, as I realized I should be looking at batsmen through the Ichiro/Rod Carew lens, and not expecting them all to be swinging for the fences at every opportunity.
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Well that was boring as hell. Jesus- talk about a meltdown. I thought NZ was unstoppable but my Trinidadian hubby, who got me interested in cricked, reminded me at that start that this is the first time in the tournament NZ hasn't played at home and about how tough Melbourne is even without 93,000 people cheering for the other team. A purpose-built cricket stadium is a LOT harder to manage to hit boundaries in and we saw that for sure.
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Although I found the game slightly underwhelming as a spectacle (well played Aussies, etc etc) what's impressed me in the wash-up is the sportsmanship of the Kiwis, McCallum in particular. Gracious in defeat, papering over yet more reports of Aussie boorishness to praise us instead.. running over to shake Clarke's hand when he got out, etc etc.

Good show, chaps. Sorry it wasn't your day.

An example
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And here's an entirely reasonable "team of the tournament"
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