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Durch die Nacht mit Sibel Kekilli & George R.R. Martin/ Au coeur de la nuit: George R. R. Martin et Sibel Kekilli: an ARTE documentary taking George R. R. Martin & Sibel "Shae" Kekilli through Martin's hometown of Santa Fe, with your choice of German or French subtitles. (As you know Bob, ARTE is a German/French art orientated cable channel; "Durch die Nacht" is one of its regular documentary series.(previously))
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I watched this whole thing a few days ago. I like how they have a warm-up meal before going to the restaurant for dinner. Wouldn't want to get too hungry on the ride over. Drunk Martin is best Martin.

Also the hipster bartender at Martin's theater.

I have no idea why it surprised me that Martin is such a big nerdy nerd nerd. How could he not be? He's been in SF since before I was born and I'm turning *censored* in a month.

They really seem to like each other. Kekilli was tearing up!
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Oh! Bonus surprise Melinda Snodgrass!
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Apparently Mr Martin's inspiration was only in part the Wars of the Roses. Another factor was Maurice Druon, whose seven volume Les Rois Maudits is once more being brought out in English. (For all the other non-GRRM enthusiasts.)
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Wow, that was great! George seems to live a warm, happy life in SF, and now I want to see Head On.
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The night is dark and full of terrors...
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The German version translated the "No Fucking Bud" sign from the last bar as "No grass." I guess they thought it was referring to pot? Does that work in German slang?
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Yes, "Gras" is German slang for pot (at 49:25). The French translation is given as "pas de medocs", which seems to be slang for "médicaments". The translation given for "no tabs" in the German version is "no surveillance"...
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Hah. That's some bad translation.
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