Bart and his flying dead zoo
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Previously. Bart Jansen, the Dutch artist who charmed and disgusted the art world with his flying taxidermied cat Orville, has not been resting on his laurels since. After creating Orville, he went looking for bigger challenges... and found them.

Bart decided that his next flying project should be a bird that's famous for being unable to fly. So with the help of engineer Arjen Beltman, he went on to create Ostrichcopter: a flying ostrich.

He asked around different farms and eventually found a dead ostrich (a male that had died from a disease) he could use. He went to pick up the bird ("It smelled and about two litres of crap came out of it in my car") and then took it to a taxidermist to have it skinned and tanned.

Next up: a jet-powered shark. Because, what else could it be?

But why stop there? Bart is now making plans for a badger/submarine hybrid, punnily called Das Boot. ('Das' is Dutch for badger.)

Oh, and here's a nice piece about Bart and the flying rat he built at the request of a bereft schoolboy.
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In addition to building OstrichCopter, Jansen is working on a jacket made out of roadkill hedgehogs.

Suddenly all my hobbies seem rather dull.
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I long to see him work with Ted Cruz.
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Ok, now's the time, we can square this circle, have the ostrich chase the cat while it chases the mouse. Then reverse it, for bonus points of course.
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Das Boot! I love that!

OstrichCopter is ... really something. Wow.
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A pig could fly if it had wings (or quadcopter rotors).
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I would love to have him add a camera to tape the reactions of people on the ground who see that thing flying above them.
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Das Boot. Bravo. Weird and punny, can't wait to see it.
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i would call this guy a one-trick-pony, but he'd probably figure out how to hook a propeller to that as well.
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Oh hey, good news...

OstrichCopter is available to buy.

And THIS is what crowdfunding is for...
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Conrad-Casserole: i would call this guy a one-trick-pony
The joke isn't lost on me, but in all fairness I need to point it that these projects are just a subset of what he makes. For example, he also paints.
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