Every great story seems to begin with a snake.
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Rattlesnakes inspire search-and-rescue robot design Rattlesnakes have provided the inspiration for the movements of a robot designed for entering dangerous environments.

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Robot snakes could aid search and rescue
With a robot octopus and robot insects also in the pipeline, there is potential for several robotic species to make a difference to our lives. There is also worrying potential for a Battle of the Robobeasts movie. You can imagine the desperate studio proposal meeting ...
Robot Snakes On Mars
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Snake Robot Climbs a Tree
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Related post.
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Damn robotics, you scary.
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"Yeah for some reason we discovered that the best way to build robots was to make them in the forms that nature loves most: snakes, spiders, needles, heights, intense social interactions, wide open spaces, clowns..."
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I occasionally work with one of the researchers quoted in one of these articles so I won't say too much here, but I will say that snake search-and-rescue bots are super cool to watch in action, and have some really promising potential. To the best of my knowledge no one at my university is working on the octopus-bots, which bums me out. I would love to get in on a demo of one of those.
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Octopus Prime
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