More clichés than you can shake a stick at. (stick not included)
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"Confessions of an Idiom" a 2½ minute animated film depicting a confrontation between the elephant in the room and the skeleton in the closet. Many turns of phrase and one plot twist.
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Crocodile tears, FTW
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If only I were still teaching ESl! I'd show this in class. My students would have a ball with it.

see what I did there
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I really like the unstated idioms, like the spilt milk on the floor, but my favorite was also the crocodile tears.
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After he spills the beans, we could overthink a plate of 'em.
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O.R., that was exactly what I did when I decided to post this. (Also, eponisterical.)
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Makes me think of one of my favorite lines from an Aztec Camera song:
"The cards are on the table now, and every other cliche somehow fits me like a glove."
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If you liked that, check out Tex Avery's classic cartoon A Symphony in Slang.
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Window of Opportunity. Took me a second.
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