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BILL BELICHICK OFFSEASON SIMULATOR. "This must be emphasized from the outset: The Bill Belichick Offseason Simulator is a tool, and not a toy. It does not exist to amuse you. It is meant to train prospective football coaches in the art and science of managing the travails of the offseason. Any fun you may have, or amusement you may find, while piloting this simulator is purely accidental, and should be reported as a software bug." (From Jon Bois, in case it's not immediately apparent.)
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This is amazing.
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or, i suppose, you could shortcut this whole deal and just ask someone who has already beaten this game for the coordinates. that would certainly be consistent with the Bill Belichick system. in fact, yes, do that.

So... Ummm... what are the coordinates, guys? Don't make me videotape your practices.
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I'm making progress in the playbook mines, expecting to achieve breakout sometime in 2019.
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I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at anything Belichick related.
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Tucson 18
14 across
13 down
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Roswell 68

9 Across
20 Down
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I have utterly defeated football and received both the good endings. Well played, Jon Bois. Well played.
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Bremerton 17
2 Across
5 Down
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Salina 18
11 across
1 down

Bessemer 34
4 across
15 down

But it's easier to just have Bo send you to your home planet, get sent to a "random" point in the game and move your smaller fleet into position. (Man does that sound like gibberish).
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Bill Belichick fact: you bought a computer printer, had it print its pre-programmed test page, and framed it.
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Junction City 28
3 Across
7 Down

Paducah 18
10 Across
14 Down
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don't push the car into the river
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my understanding of "The Bill Belichick System" from this game:
  • Don't give up
  • never acquire talent from elsewhere when you can build it yourself
  • NEVER admit that you're a wizard
  • sacrifice of weaker assets is acceptable when world domination is on the line
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Everything I dreamed of and more. Jon Bois is a national treasure.
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I too have achieved POINDEXTER rank, and I have learned that the best song is 'Bluebeard' by Cocteau Twins (1993). My life will feel empty henceforth.
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I'm pretty sure I may ACTUALLY live by the Bill Belichick system. Jon Bois has good taste in music.
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I ... think I won? I took over the universe after 2000 years in a hex navy battle? Is that winning?
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The Yeti's lair! And I didn't have a custard pie.
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