"these women paved the way for a more just and compassionate world"
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10 Badass Sikh Women in History
Oftentimes, women’s contributions are overlooked because, for the most part, it is men who write history. In India, women of the Sikh faith have fought, ruled, taught and served for centuries. They have managed organizations, guided communities and led revolts. These accomplishments are admirable in their own right, and they are even more impressive when viewed in the context of the intense patriarchy and cultural misogyny against which these women were working.
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Haven't dived into the article yet, but you gotta love the "don't fuck with us" looks on the faces of the ladies in the lead photo.
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"don't fuck with us" looks on the faces of the ladies

Their grandfather
Their grandmother
A minuscule part of their heritage

Their father's potential power was so threatening to the British that he was forever exiled.
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Dude that's Sikh.
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Thanks for posting this!!
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These are some strong and fierce women, indeed.
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