Fake Holidays
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When wishes are out of reach, simulation is taking over our leisure time and our holidays. Imaginary worlds are created, often under massive technological exertion, in order to offer us experience as reproducible merchandise. Although the quality of these adventures on demand sometimes proves to be rather dubious, the boom does shed light on one thing: the yearnings and dreams underlying people’s daily lives.

More photos available by clicking look inside on the book's purchase page.
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I love these!
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This really is fascinating (and gorgeously photographed too!).
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MeFi's own cstross wrote a great blog post about going to one of these ersatz holiday destinations, which was built inside a giant mothballed cargo zeppelin hangar.
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I admit as an American the title made me think of "Sweetest Day" and similar, but this is vacationing in faux reality, which is way more interesting.

Like if you can't make it to Germany you can go to Germanland in Kings Dominon, VA where it's Bavaria Lite, always OctoberFest, and has rollercoasters. (And which I see now has been re-themed to a Safari Village I think.)
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I admit as an American the title made me think of "Sweetest Day"

Yeah, those new ones suck. Our family only celebrates time-honored traditional holidays. Nothing brings me back to my childhood faster than spectacle of public sacrifice on Saturnalia. And, I still remember the joy of running through the streets naked save for a goatskin on Lupercalia, lashing women as I went.

Traditional Holidays Matter.
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Those photographs would be a nice visual complement for Umberto Eco's "Travels In Hyperreality," which is definitely worth reading if this sort of simulacrum is of interest to you.
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I would love to go to something like this based on Skyrim or maybe Mass Effect.

Anyone got an extra few hundred million to invest? I'll do all the work.
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So, Las Vegas, then?
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Traditional Holidays Matter.

Every day is Ravening with Delight Day to the members of the Esoteric Order of Dagon. That's why they are a fast growing religion (if the Feds would stop torpedoing them).
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Barring further explanation, I choose to believe that this one ("Cage") is actually targeted at babies seeking the novel thrill of being left in a crib in a bamboo forest.
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