Pepsi Robin's Egg Blue
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Peter and the Magic Egg was a Pennsylvania Dutch-themed 80s animated holiday special created to advertise Paas egg dye and perhaps to tell a strange, pastel-colored version of the life of Jesus. Storytelling egg Uncle Amos was voiced by Ray Bolger (better known as the Scarecrow in the far less surreal and nightmarish film The Wizard of Oz).
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This is the stupidest made up legend ever committed to film. I'm glad Ray Bolger got some work out of it though. As for that crazy iron protagonist, let's hope capitalism is now treating him well.
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Patton Oswalt talks about Paas.

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Oops. Need to learn links. : (
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Patton Oswalt talks about Paas.

One of the more amusing conversations I ever had was when I was trying to explain the concept of dying eggs to my Irish friend's mother; I was visiting sometime during Lent and remarked that I'd seen a lot of chocolate eggs and rabbits in stores, but no egg-dying kits. It seems that dying eggs not necessarily a Thing in Ireland, though, so she asked what I meant. So I tried to explain the Paas concept to her (realizing as I did that it was a weird freakin' thing to do), but I think I got a little too hung up on the concept of the tablets that dissolve and make dye because she looked pretty freaked out.
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Dying eggs for Pasen (which is the actual Dutch word for Easter) is totally a Thing here. We usually get the dye that the German brand Iris makes. Lovely retro packaging, isn't it.
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Brought to you by the people who brought you The Point!, apparently.
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Whoa... as soon as they started in on "Animals Can Be Folks" it all came back to me...
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They sound about as much Pennsylvania Dutch as Tevye. (But more than Weird Al),
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But do you jarp with your dyed eggs?
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Wow...I loved how in less than two minutes a robot showed up.
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I have many questions.

Piles of eggs in hen house, no chickens.
Why is the rabbit bigger than the sheep.
Don't get me started on the robot... and that's 5 min in.
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My Mom told me that when she was a kid her Polish immigrant parents dyed eggs for Easter using boiled onion skins and other natural substances before the days of Paas. My eggs are sitting in their cups dyeing right now.
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Mother Nature = The Father
Peter Paas = The Son
Easter Bunny = The Holy Spirit
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