“The countenance is pale and sunken, the right eye small and reddened.”
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A General Feeling of Disorder by Oliver Sacks [New York Review of Books]
“As an example of this, migraine is a sort of prototype illness, often very unpleasant but transient, and self-limiting; benign in the sense that it does not cause death or serious injury and that it is not associated with any tissue damage or trauma or infection; and occurring only as an often-hereditary disturbance of the nervous system. Migraine provides, in miniature, the essential features of being ill—of trouble inside the body—without actual illness.”
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Go Oliver!
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I hope he gets some more quality time. Love his books so much.
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it does not cause death or serious injury and that it is not associated with any tissue damage or trauma or infection

That's the curious aspect of migraines: You know that you'll come out of it basically unscathed, sometimes even gleeful with pleasure and relief, and a physical sense of relaxation and well-being. But god, midway through a migraine is death warmed over.
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Thanks for posting this.
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This was a very interesting read -- thank you.

Occasionally, I get scintillating scotoma, and when it would happen at work I didn't tell anyone because I didn't know what it was and thought that people would think I was malingering or something. How could I describe it? "I have this floater in both my eyes and it gets bigger and bigger before it gets out of view?" I would feel dizzy and weak until it passed.

Years later I found out it was A Real Thing -- I wasn't going crazy or having a mini-stroke. I was sooooo relieved.
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I teared up a little when I got to the part where he went back to working on his autobiography. This man is amazing. Thanks for posting.
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Remember when Oliver Sacks wrote that drug memoir in the New Yorker? Blew my mind. Milkshakes of ampethamines! He was doing drugs I never even heard of.
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And with no moralizing
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Wow, that was a very interesting read and it was not about migraines. Glad I read it, glad his treatment was going so well. The body is surely amazing, in both its failures and its dogged attempt to maintain equilibrium.
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Except migraine is associated with the development of white matter lesions. I think the ramifications of these lesions remain incompletely understood, but it seems that migraines do cause tissue damage.
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Cool! I've had three episodes of scintillating scotoma, but without the migraine. Now I know what it's called. Although I had the TRON version, where the scintillating part is 100x brighter than the wikipedia images.
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I have had migraine since age 13. Both my grown children have migraine. If I'd known this ran in families, I seriously would have done whatever it took to get sterilized.

Women who get migraine are advised not to take The Pill. Migraine ups your odds of suffering a stroke, and the white matter lesions Tandem Affinity mentioned do occur...

Migraine often is relieved by Depakote, a drug used for epilepsy.

I'm pretty sure migraine causes damage.
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I followed the Wikipedia link and was fascinated by the firefly aura. Those little fairies have been a feature of many of my migraines, but I never thought of it as a thing before.

Killing most of your liver to slow a cancer sounds extreme, but even if it ultimately doesn't extend his life it sounds like it has extended his quality of life, so yay!
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