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Lizardpoint [PREVIOUSLY] used to host a decent amount of geography quizzes. If you haven't visited in a while, though, they've vastly expanded. So yeah, you can still kick yourself for not knowing where "Asia" is improve your knowledge of our great planet β€” but now you can also: quiz yourself on how to distinguish a stick figure from a the Vitruvian Man about the world of Art; learn to tell one crook from another identify world leaders and historical figures; become an expert in ugly dress patterns vexillologist. There's also weekly Geography trivia, study guides and timelines, and games for those of us who've had enough of being made to feel dumb kids. So prepare to boast about how smart you are in the comments section expand your worldly horizons!
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Well, I got a perfect score at identifying works of Impressionist art, and I attribute this solely to my own genius and not at all to how incredibly bad Impressionist artists were at coming up with creative names for their pieces.
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My geography is horrible. Really horrible. I get the general area right but all those blobs just look the same to me. So embarrassed.

On a brighter note, I apparently know more about impressionist art than I thought I did.
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These are great! I'm a fan of Sporcle as well. I ignore the pop culture quizzes--far too inside-baseball for me--but their science quizzes in particular are great. It's helping me memorize the periodic table!
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Another recommendation for Sporcle.
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Oh, man, that slider in the countries of the world quiz. Where's Croatia? Well, it's one of these five-pixel-wide blobs. That quiz would have been a lot easier with a zoom button.

I'm surprised I did as well as I did, given how hard it was to tell the countries apart.
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Just in time for the annual-ish Jeopardy! qualifying quizzes, live next week.
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What's the first emoji in the title? I see only a square.
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Pope Guilty, that's a globe.
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