"Cowabunga dudes!!"
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'F*cking Young' by Tyler, The Creator [YouTube] [Contains NSFW Lyrics] Rapper Tyler, The Creator, a member of LA hip-hop collective Odd Future alongside Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt, has unveiled a video from his newly-released album Cherry Bomb. Full stream available via Spotify.
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I want all the shirts he wore in that video!
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I want all the shirts he wore in that video!

Pretty sure you'll be able to buy every piece of clothing in that video at your nearest mall skate shop very soon. I have no proof of this but the swiftness and efficiency of their merchandising rollout leads me to believe Odd Future was a really well thought out business plan before any one of them ever picked up a mic.
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Tyler/Odd Future has a clothing line called "Golf Wang" (a play on Odd Future's full name: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All). Unfortunately, they don't seem to offer much on their site, and brick-and-mortar distribution is very limited. Here's an article that talks about it a bit. I saw a clip on youtube that I can't bother to dig up where someone visits their LA outlet, with all the usual OFWGKTA chaos and exuberance.
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Is that Frank Ocean's E30 in the video?
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