Sailors and Daughters: Early photography and the Indian Ocean
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Sailors and Daughters reveals the expansive maritime societies of Zanzibar, the east African coast, and beyond. From the 1840s, cameras traced the international migrations of traders, sailors, sons, and daughters through Indian Ocean ports, continuing trade that dates back over five millennia.
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Wow, these are amazing. Love the dhows. Love this guy's (Sultan KCMG) expression.
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Oh and the "daughters" page, wow.
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It's a nicely curated collection but I was a bit disappointed with the size considering the source of some of the photographs [ ]
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Now I feel churlish. They have it adequately (and more, Swahili poetry) covered on the resources page.
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Incredible. Thank you so much.
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This is amazing. I am so going to use this for fantasy worldbuilding.
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super impressive site. variety, depth, scholarship. thank you.
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Loved this.
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This is fascinating.

My grandfather's grandmother was a photographer in California starting in the 1860s, and apparently traveled to China before settling in Arizona. Family lore has it that her film was lost when some outlaws burned down the the barn in which they were stored in retaliation against her sheriff son. This gives me an idea of what she might have seen!
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