Roll up for the mystery tour
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Courtesy of your dear friends at ye olde Google, here's a fun and educational interactive tour of the legendary London recording studio: Inside Abbey Road.
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Well, there goes my afternoon.
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The UK government should buy it and make it a free Beatles museum.

This book is magnificently detailed about the recording equipment used to make the Beatles' albums, when the engineers at Abbey Road wore lab coats and ties and drank grumpy pints of bitter at lunchtime.
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I must be having a Flash problem or something on this high tech site, since each screen has a middle photo, but is annexed by these triangular "streaming" looking striped objects that obstruct other material. Anyone else?
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I must be having a Flash problem

The whole thing is a bit like a CD Rom from 1995. Fortunately the Beatles are infinitely more powerful than Google.
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Seakerofsplendor - this totally crashed my browser the first time I loaded it.
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This is very good.
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Thanks, aloiv2. At least I'm not the only one.
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