Solving hard science problems, healing PTSD with Psychedelics
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Tim Ferriss interviews Jim Fadiman Involved with psychedelic research since the 1960s, Fadiman discusses the immediate and long-term effects of psychedelics when used for spiritual purposes (high dose), therapeutic purposes (moderate dose), and problem-solving purposes (low dose). Fascinating stories about solving really hard science problems, healing PTSD, depression, and trauma.
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I approve.
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headling with psychadelics beats the hell out of healing with psychedelics.
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be calm, little headling.
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I believe 'headling' is a term of art. Headling something is like handling something, only you do it with your head instead of your hand.
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Mod note: Fixed typos in "healing" and "psychedelics."
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Looking forward to listening to this. It's good to see someone reputable talking about micro-dosing.
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Tim Ferris podcast is excellent listening, far better than his mad scientist lifehack books. The ones with Arnold Schwartzenegger and the Memeise found stick in the mind as brilliant.
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