You Wouldn't Believe Our World
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In 1985, multinational conglomerate Majesco Industries changed its name to MJI. To publicize this change to its employees, subsidiaries, shareholders and partners, it commissioned an industrial video...

In fact this is a parody written and directed by Harry Shearer, with music by Shearer and Paul Shaffer and starring Marcia Strassman, Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Shearer, at least three of whom were Spinal Tap a year or two earlier. The short was shown on Late Night with David Letterman on their special "Film Festival" episode.
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Blocked in Australia - Vimeo link. With this and the Sizzlers post it's feeling like cringey corporate video week. And I mean that in a good way.
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Yeah, for anyone geoblocked from seeing the toplinked Vimeo copy which is decent quality and seems to have been posted by the rightsholder, there appears to be a somewhat murkier, recorded-off-the-air copy on youtube as well.
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This is a fine time to use an aerosol hair product!
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Not to be confused with Majesco Entertainment, known on the NASDAQ as COOL. <= click here for a COOL stock quote.
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Servo-Controlled Warheads!
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The name rings a bell; weren't they in the arcade game business during the 1980s? I think I recall seeing them on an arcade machine's title screen.
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