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FoodGawker is basically a food-based search engine, complete with pretty pictures of really good lookin' foods and the links to their recipes.

You can simply "gawk" the recipe and/or "favorite" it for later.

You can also highly-tailor your search for any dietary restrictions or meal preferences.
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This site seems like it would have been ceased and desisted by Gawker Media already but I suppose not.
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Mmm, food porn.

See also Tastespotting (Previously).

I think there was another site in the same vein but I'll be dammed if I can remember the name of it.

For a while there was an annoying trend where people would submit their blogs with clickbaity titles like "You won't believe the secret ingredient in these delicious brownies!"
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As someone who hates recipe books that don't have pictures of all the meals, this is a pretty cool way to browse recipes.
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I like Food Gawker - it seems to do a better job than some of its competitors at making sure its posts contain an actual recipe instead of just a bunch of food porn and a charming anecdote about getting diarrhea in Tuscany or whatever. My favorite site in this category was PunchFork, but it was bought out and unceremoniously killed off by pinterest for no apparent reason.
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I too appreciate how foodgawker is linked to real recipes. I hate when I'm surfing pinterest, for example, and it links to just a picture or I have to follow 3 links to find the actual recipe or there's no recipe at all.
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... clickbaity titles like "You won't believe the secret ingredient in these delicious brownies!"

Only in Washington and Colorado, so far.
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For those of us who plan food with words, not pix, try RecipePuppy. You can specify "special diets" (vegan, GF) as well as breakfast, lunch, dessert. You control these filters with simple color coded selectors. And when grocery day is two days hence, you can find something that uses shredded coconut, garbanzo beans, and dill.

random sample of ingredients, do not eat this at home
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Foodgawker is great... much better interface to work around than Tastespotting. I like Fridgg though too
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