Anthropology, already read
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Déjà Lu republishes locally-selected scholarly articles from journals connected to regional anthropological associations around the world. The result is a PDF-heavy but fascinating collection of long reads on obscure topics. Via.

Some articles from the 2015 issue: Some articles from the 2014 issue: Some articles from the 2013 issue:
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Wow, this looks great—if I weren't desperately trying to finish editing one book before the next one comes in, I'd dive into several of these. As it is, I am bookmarking it, with thanks.
posted by languagehat at 8:44 AM on April 18, 2015

Thanks for putting this together, with the most impressive tags list I've seen on the site.
posted by umbú at 2:42 PM on April 18, 2015

Oh holy rabbit hole. Well, this will keep me occupied for a few weeks.
posted by ReginaHart at 7:24 PM on April 20, 2015

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