"...the best song Jagger and Richards have written in twenty years"
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Spooky. This song was playing in a restaurant I was in 45 minutes ago, and I told my breakfast companion this whole story.
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damned good song -- I don't care who gets credit
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Music-less version of the video
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it's only rock n roll
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I find it dirgeful, sorry. And ironically, seeing it performed live at a festival in about 1998 is what swung it for me.

There's a whole bunch of mid 90s UK bands that I quite liked at the time, and that one performance by the Verge was so ponderous and lumpen, that I now find the whole scene completely unlistenable. It had a great impact on my musical listening, so I guess I have to thank them for that.
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When I was a little girl in the 1970s, we sung it as "This May Be the Last Time, I Don't Know" in church. The really old folks would lead some parts in the "praise" portion of the Sunday service, and when it was sung, the musicians wouldn't play because the pastor wanted us all to hear the elders and sing with them minus electric guitars and whatnot. It sounded more like this.

Had I known it was such an old song, I probably would've been more respectful, but as it was, I was ~7, bored, and only sang along when I was getting the hairy eyeball from my guardian. I hadn't realized what The Stones or Oldham or even The Verve had done with the song until my 30s. The Staples Singers version is amazing. Pops Staple's tremolo is amazing. And Mavis was, what, 17? Gawd.
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The best Jagger and Richards track since 1991 anyway, when they peaked with 'After the Watershed'.
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It's amazing that this guy in the hat was so pumped in 2008 and managed to stay that pumped all the way through 2011.
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I still love A Storm in Heaven so much. For me, nothing they did afterwards matched that album for searing, shimmering, gut wrenching brilliance yet Bittersweet Symphony - so tepid in comparison to the likes of The Sun, The Sea - remains the one people swoon over. At least it isn't that godawful dirge about the drugs not working.
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Andrew Loog Oldham at Book Soup (West Hollywood) in 2013 on Bitter Sweet Symphony... 35 minutes into the talk
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It's amazing that this guy in the hat

More amazing that the band is wearing the exact same thing and doing the exact same gestures. Could this be the same video?
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One day back in 1997...I was driving in Atlanta, and this song came on the radio (on the local "alternative" station, 99X)...and then it played again. And again. And again. Seven time in a row. The DJ, who was called Sean Demery, I think, came on sounding...broken up and crying, and had apparently locked himself in the studio. Then someone else came on, with no explanation. It was...very weird.
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It's also frequently forgotten that there's another sample on Bittersweet Symphony, a drum loop of "Doggone" by Love, but neither Love nor Love's drummer at the time gets anything, because Allen Klein was legally allowed to take 100% of the royalties for less than 100% of the work. The copyright system is primarily about who has the more expensive lawyers, not who contributed the most to a collaborative work.
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I didn't think much of this song at first. And then I heard it in a club while I was on mushrooms.
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