That time when Toronto had Johnny Cash machines
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Retrontario remembers Johnny Cash advertising for Canada Trust, along with several other advertisements from the 80s.
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One of the classic "Hamilton" jokes is, "Let's go to the African Lion Safari! We'll use you're car."
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I do remember that time when the IRS treated Willie Nelson like a Johnny Cash machine.
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There's an old country song called "I wish that I had Johnny's cash and Charley's pride."
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Here it is. Mac Wiseman.
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My parents banked at Canada Trust. I have very clear memories of this campaign, not just the commercials, but because they had lots of in-branch promotional material up when I'd be with my parents waiting in line.

Kinda related...

Now they sound tired but they don't sound Haggard / They got money but they don't have Cash / They got Junior but they don't have Hank...
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There was a CT beside the hockey arena I played in when I was a kid, and I remember seeing a life-size Johnny Cash cutout standing beside the ATM in the lobby.

I was recently at an event that Retrontario helped organize and which included the Money Machine commercial. When Cash strolled into the frame someone in the crowd gasped "Oh my God, really?" Yes, young 'uns...not everything Johnny Cash did was cool.
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I remember the Cash cutouts, but I don't think they were life size. Maybe 75% scale. (5'1" me went into a lot of Canada trust branches with my 6'3" boyfriend, so I had plenty of chances to compare scale.)
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OMG Retrontario is a rabbit hole....aaaaaand, we Metafiltered it already!

I wanted to see if they had the Rad Man radio spot with the funky music...
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"Life's too short to walk the line"

Man, that takes me right back to my pjs and popcorn waiting for Battlestar Galactica to come on.

My brothers and I too became Canada Trust customers right around then, when they swallowed the Permanent Trust that had our lawn and snow clearing accounts.
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I loved that campaign. I was so excited because I had just started university and the johnny cash machines were such a godsend. Since banks all seemed to have those 10-3 banker's hours back then it was always a panic to take out enough money to last the weekend. ATMs changed all that. Why walk the line? Indeed.
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Despite the Toronto-centric title, this campaign was Canada-wide. I well remember the cutouts and cards here on the west coast.
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Wow. I remember the campaign. I had no idea it was considered an urban legend.
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