Even Internet Everywhere was there! Seriously. Better catch up.
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What's that? You say you missed out on Record Store Day 2015? No prob, Bob: Homestar Runner has you covered. [YT] And if you missed the Brothers Chaps' April 1st 2015 shindig, they've gotcha covered there, too [YT].
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♫ They're filed with garbage and cheeeeese ♫
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the song at the end of the homestar runner episode is a pretty good pastiche of like, early 90s alternative? it made me think of the presidents of the united states of america
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It made me think, "Is this a Pavement B-side I haven't heard??"
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I'll just leave this here, wondering if they were thinking the same thing I was....
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BTW, here's the non-youtube links to the flash animations on the homestar runner website itself.

Record Store Day

April 1
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The guy's voice REALLY sounds like the lead singer of BOAT/Unlikely Friends, Dee Krain. I'm not entirely convinced it's not him. Is Strongbad made out of Seattle?
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I was thinking it sounded very Promise Ring-esque. But yeah.
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It's just them at some restaurant talking about escrow and knee surgery.
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