Lyrics: Ah the eve ah ah / Ah ah ah ahhh
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The Singamajig Symphony sings Journey's Open Arms. The Singamajig Symphony sings the Beatles' Hey Jude.
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That was surprisingly beautiful.
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When I was a freshman there was a guy on our hall who used to sing "Open Arms" every morning while he powered his balls with talcum. A lovely song for such an occasion.
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Which evokes the smell of talcum to this day.
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And balls.
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I had to look these things up; each different one sings a specific hard coded song (Yankee Doodle Dandy etc), so to make this video the singamajig-conductor has to get them to the right point in each of their songs and then film a note or two and get the right ones together to harmonise and then edit it all together. Quite a feat.
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It is quite a achievement, especially in the editing. However, I don't think it was put together out of pieces of the songs the toys sing. I was curious too, so I scrounged around a little.

As demonstrated in this video, the toys have three modes. First is "chatter," where they make nonsense sounds. Second is "song" where they sing a song, including the words. Third is "harmonize" where the toy sings certain notes when squeezed. I think that's the mode eknightmusic used.

Still, it is really impressive. The reason I even went looking is I wondered if it was Autotuned or something. It looks like not.
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I dug up an article and video about how to circuit bend a singamajig.
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