Genius, audacity and avant-garde
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At the age of 50, Maya Plisetskaya danced to Ravels Bolero, choreographed by Maurice Bejart. At 61 and with arms like flowing ribbon she danced the Dying Swan

Maya Plisetskaya talks about the KGB's efforts to prevent her defection and the persecution faced by her family" after the execution of her father.

Her life and work so far was summarised by the French ballet critic André Philippe Hersin in three words: genius, audacity and avant-garde"
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This is just the medicine, cheers!
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WOW!! I had no idea...
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Wow, you weren't kidding with the flowing ribbon arms. That's extraordinary. It doesn't look like her bones should be able to do that!
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure she had the bones in her arms surgically removed. And to do the whole thing en pointe at 61? Wow!
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