It seems like the Flight 587 conspiracy theorists had it wrong after all.
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It seems like the Flight 587 conspiracy theorists had it wrong after all. Recently, the NTSB released preliminary findings on the crash of the American Airlines Airbus A-300 at Queens, NY and the evidence increasingly points to mechanical failure. Just in case you want to doubt them (as I did), the NTSB has posted photographs of the failed parts on their site. Intrestingly, a new alternative theory, puts the blame on grey market parts.
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In researching the post, I have been trying to find a Reuters story (?) that I last saw on CNN about a letter the American Airlines pilot union publicised, decrying the lack of any preventive measures for the A-300 fleet. Several Googles later I couldn't find it again. Any pointers?

In case you're wondering about my monomania with Flight 587, I'll say this: I fly on an A 300-600 every Monday morning.
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Funny how even after 9/11 shit still happens, huh?
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Pilots ask American for Airbus A300 grounding

So I understand, there was no action taken. It was rumored in the industry that AMR's pilots would refuse to fly A300's but that rumor apparently was untrue. The pilots never really had the backing of the APA (American's union) so I doubt they would get very far.

Back to the post, I'm both horrified and vindicated to see the pictures of the vertical stabilizer's mounting points still attached, with bits of the carbon fiber stab itself still bolted on. Unless they found a way to sabotage the fiber itself, it looks like there was no funny business.

Current talk from the NTSB and FAA is focusing on training A300 crews to limit rudder usage to avoid overstressing the vertical stab. As a pilot, I can say that it would be a lot better if they replaced the damn "advanced composite" tail structure with some good old fashioned less advanced metal structure and called it good. Having to watch your rudder usage lest you RIP THE FREAKING TAIL OFF is ridiculous.

Btw, long time lurker who's very happy to find a thread to contribute to. :)
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I still gotta go conspiracy.

America couldn't be seen to suffer another terrorist attack.
Boeing needs all the help against the Airbus.

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What planet are you from?! Things are IN Queens; not "at" it! This is important!
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