Shotgun Honey
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Short stories. Crime. Hardboiled. Noir. Something like that. 700 words maximum. Make it tight. Make it hum
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There was an urge that led to a deed which involves hired dicks who discover the larger picture then either achieve objective or suffer trying. Filing cabnets, train schedule, flinty knives and big oily guns handled by Cliff, Dutch, and Joe.

Fred Macmurrays' option. Perfumed bourbon, one leg on the floor.
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Stripped of all pretense save for pretension, Bicky sauntered into the bar. He knew who he was looking for, and he knew who he was going to find. They were both the wrong guy. Bicky eyed up the barkeep, who owed him one as many as he owed back, and nodded, on the sly. There.

"Say, pal, could you tell a friend where a buddy could find a girl, you know the one, compadre!" said Bicky to the guy.

"I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about," said the regular boyscout.
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Perfumed bourbon, one leg on the floor.

That is a story I would drink read.
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"I knew I was in trouble from the moment I started trying to compose a witty comment for this thread," thought not_on_display as he... uhh... ummm
never mind
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I had my feet up, throwing cards at my upturned Fedora in the corner, smoking my last Chesterfield, when *she* walked in. The kind of dame that could make a clock run backwards, with gams like the Colossus of Rhodes.
"What are you doing in the women's bathroom?" she said.
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Yay! OMG I have a story for this! I need to run it by some readers and make it tight first though.

This reminds me, I need to check up on, founded and run by MeFi's own Faint of Butt.
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She had left me three months ago, and I was still hurtin'. I threw myself onto a barstool next to a guy who had hardened there like a piece of gum, and held up a finger.
The barkeep handed me a shot of Kentucky Straight Razor, and I poured it down my neck and held up another finger.
As I lifted the glass, I felt a breath beside my ear.
I downed the shot, and I turned.
"Take me back, Butch," she whispered. "I'm sorry I ever left."
I took her back like an overdue library book. That dame owed me five cents a day.
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The girl was built like I thought her up myself.
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She was tall. Yes, she was very tall. How many's that? Sheesh. Ummm. She was, like America, a land of contrasts...
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