Maralinga’s Afterlife
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At Maralinga, the British Government treated Aborigines, Australian servicemen and even its own troops as scientific guinea pigs. John Keane, whose father was there, looks at the dirty games that were played in the desert of South Australia.
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My father was out there doing it too. He was an Air Force member at the time. No cancers, nothing weird, although he wasn't on the front line of scrubbers and luggers.

Despite living in Adelaide for a large portion of my life, I had never heard of the Strontium 90 cloud of 1958 and its associated poisonings and fatalities; still less any of secret autopsies that followed. As a child I was completely fascinated by my father's slides of abandoned enclosures of radioactive military aircraft and vehicles, just sitting there in the desert, red hot.
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Artist Lin Onus's 1990 sculpture Maralinga (another angle).
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There should be a hell for military officers and bureaucrats who dream up such evil.
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In the wind, the ashes fly.
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This is so sadly what I have come to expect as the experimental method, widely in use today.
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Someone has carefully documented these on OpenStreetMap.
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There is a hell for military officers and bureaucrats. Unfortunately, those of us who weren't able to prevent these atrocities are forced to share it with them.
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Reminiscent of Archie Barton taking soil from Maralinga to the UK:
Man lands drone carrying radioactive sand on Japanese prime minister’s office
Drone sat idle for two weeks on roof before being discovered.
(Sand from Fukushima; Asahi Shimbun story in English)
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