Shifting perspectives: because that axe was difficult to carry.
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Remember Stanley Kubrick's The Shining with Pippin Barr's Let's Play: The Shining, a browser game in Atari 2600 style. Press release.
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I stopped at the point where i was expected to type out an entire page of 'All work and no play...', but I should have stopped at the hedge maze modeled after Atari's E.T. abortion.
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I guess I had a similar but opposite experience where I stopped because somehow the game started to freak me out more than watching the movie would have.
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Previously on Metafilter: The Great Gatsby on the NES and Watergate as a parody of Shadowgate

Let's Play The Shining is an ok idea, but the above two are much more fun to play.
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I liked the driving bit.
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The hedge maze reminded me more of the maze in Adventure.
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Seconding the awesomeness of the Great Gatsby game, in that I actually wanted to play it a second time. The Shining game is definitely a one-and-done.
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Agreed. Also it was seriously lacking a QTE for drinking in the bar.
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I would like to see Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick play each other.
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