"You're gonna turn my baby into Iron Man!"
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Spoilers :(
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If her name is Veronica, well that would just be perfect.
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I had to turn off the sound due to extreme vocal fry.
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Spoilers :(

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My mind read the title as if it were an academic journal article in the "Pithy Subtitle: Actual Description" style and was very confused.
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The fact that there is no video of the little girl IN the chair makes me think this is the childhood of reality - sometimes the stuff grown ups does freaks you out a bit, and you are simply NOT feeling like getting into some giant freaky high chair and making nice while a bunch of strangers are anxious in your house.

The after-the-reveal phone pics are nice though.
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I had to turn off the sound due to extreme vocal fry.

There are a lot of issues behind this comment that you might not be aware of -- particularly the frequent stigmatization of women's speech and the meme-like, recent spread of "vocal fry" pet peeve. We could also talk about the history of vocal fry, and the double bind: how the history is murky, but there is a phonetic relationship between more vocal fry and a lower pitch range, and how women often lower their pitch range to try to gain more authority.

It is always very disappointing to see comments like this on MetaFilter. I'm sure you think it's just a pet peeve with no political implications, but it's rooted in misogyny. The fact that you said you literally had to mute these women is probably a coincidence, but it does rub salt in the wound.
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