Compton's cowboys: the urban oddity of Richland Farms
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When [Griffith Dickenson Compton, a Methodist minister and leader of a temperance group] donated his land to incorporate and create the city of Compton in 1889, he stipulated that a certain acreage be zoned for agricultural purposes only -- thus Richland Farms was born.
This isn't such a unique thing, except Richland farms is still focused on agriculture, while the rest of Los Angeles County became urbanized. It's here you can find Compton's cowboys who support the Compton Jr. Posse, which focuses on ranching, riding, education and outreach. And if you watch the rodeo circuit, you might have seen Tre Hosley representing his community. You can read much more about Richland Farms and its residents in KCET's online Communities series.
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Does Compton have anything to do with Compton, or is that just a coincidence?
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except Richland farms is still focused on agriculture, while the rest of Los Angeles County became urbanized.

I live pretty relatively close, as I'm in LA County. It's true that the rest of Los Angeles County became urbanized, but I'm always amazed still at some of the hold-overs from a bygone day that you can still see around LA and Orange County. For example, many of the surrounding cities still accommodate horse trails right through town and around major highways and intersections. There are still smaller farms right on major highways and shopping centers in town that have chickens for selling eggs and raising other farm animals, while peacocks live in the trees. One of our favorite parks to go to as a family, right in the middle of the most urbanized and modern area you could imagine, has houses that line it that still have horses and chickens, and you can regularly hear the roosters making their noise early in the morning while people are jogging around the park. This park, which has a training ring for horses in the area, is all surrounded by major neighborhoods, businesses, and shopping centers. It's like two worlds were mushed together and while a lot of cities decided that they'd get rid of incentives to have farm animals right there and not on the edge of town, LA/Orange County decided to allow some of it overlap in interesting ways. I suspect we'll see most of this go eventually, but it creates a lot of charm (perhaps except the roosters if you live in that particular neighborhood).
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I thought I'd seen them riding in the Rose Bowl parade, but looking over the equestrian participants, didn't immediately see them. Neat stuff.
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Does Compton have anything to do with Compton, or is that just a coincidence?

Yep, same city.
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Compton, also home to the only American-born cricket club in the world.
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SpacemanStix, thanks for that information. It's been too long since I've driven around LA, and I didn't pay attention to the last paragraph in the "Richland Farms is still focused on agriculture" link, which states:
Today, urban agriculture is making a comeback. Surls says a survey found a 19% increase in home vegetable gardening between 2008 and 2009 and attributes it to two things: the economy and a new way of thinking about the environment and nutrition.
Cultivate Los Angeles is a website that documents and assess the state of urban agriculture in L.A., for anyone looking to know more.
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Cultivate Los Angeles

We have a realtor here who is always trying to get our business, and he often sends out these helpful little laminated placards with things like sports schedules and things on it. This last time, he sent us one that has all of the farmers markets in the area on it and what days and times they are available. I'd have to double-check, but I think there are about 50-75 listed on there, maybe more. I think it's the only one I haven't thrown away.
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When I'm caught off, I got a six-gun/
Squeeze the trigger, and varmints done get done
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And during the date, I'm wearin' rodeo apparel/
You want lobster? Ha, I'm thinkin' Cracker Barrel
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Also, here are some rap videos.
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