So many more stories of fascinating and brilliant women to be told
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"Every one of these sites is worthy of visiting." Sophia Dembling highlights U.S. women's museums and sites for The Toast. Related: Women in Game Developement, a recently opened exhibit at the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment in Oakland, California. This exhibit features the work of early developers like Roberta Williams, Carol Shaw, Amy Henning, and more — see MADE's webpage for full list and game screenshots.
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Wicked awesome. I'll have to give it a visit next time I'm down that way.
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I am going to an event at the National Museum of Women in the Arts tomorrow!

Also! When I was in high school I wrote my junior year term paper (the BIG one that they made a whole big thing about the whole four years) about women who served in World War II -- my grandmother was in the Navy WAVES -- and in the process I learned about the Women in Military Service for America Memorial, which was fundraising at the time, and then mostly called itself "WIMSA." My grandmother was SO PLEASED and she sent her service records and her donation, and the memorial opened shortly before she died. She was able to visit it, in a wheelchair, with one of my aunts, and she has never been prouder of anything in her life.
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NMWA is great and also ridiculously pretty. Art-museums-that-charge-admission always have a tougher time stacking up against the freedom of the Smithsonians/NGA, but it's a wonderful collection in a fantastic building that deserves so much more attention and so many more visitors. (Also it's very close to here where you can pair your art with huge platters of cake and/or sausage, however you want to roll.)
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"Every one of these sites is worthy of visiting."

They may be worthy of a visit, or worth visiting. But they aren't worthy of visiting.

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So you name-drop Atari without mentioning Dona Bailey (Centipede)?

As long as we're in the arcade, what about Jamie Fenton (Gorf, Robby Roto, MacroMind VideoWorks/Director), Kristina Donofrio (pinball programmer for DataEast), or Elaine Hodgson (Journey, Domino Man, Timber, Capcom Bowling, Golden Tee Golf)?
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