2nd generation Spencer Tunick
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Italian artist Angelo Musco constructs complex compositions of naked models into feathers, nests and other shapes. Kind of a second-generation Spencer Tunick. (NSFW)
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I didn't feel like I got a clear picture of the actual artwork from the videos, since the pieces are clearly large and are not shown at their best in partial views on a small computer screen. But the making-of videos were interesting, with diverse and interesting models; in some of the poses you would be very dependent on the other person's hygiene.
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In the Cortex Project whole forests and individual nests are replicated with human nudes.

I am looking forward to the pb Project.
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Some of those look like the damned being whirled round the Inferno.
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Didn't Dali and Halsman do it first?
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How did he get all those naked people wedged into his scanner?
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It's a kinder, gentler human centipede.
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Does not have the intended effect after having watched a couple seasons of Hannibal.
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