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Transgender Lives: Your Stories (NYT). As part of a series of editorials about transgender experiences, we are featuring personal stories that reflect the strength, diversity and challenges of the community.
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What trans people have been waiting for... the approval of the New York Times.
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God, I've read everything Andy Marra's ever published and I never get sick about hearing about her and Drew. I'm not even a sappy person but
As Drew likes to say, “You’re the one thing that gives my life all of its color.” Here’s hoping more men finally recognize the beauty and worth of the transgender women in their lives.

Also, shout out to this white masculine-of-center person for calling out their relative privilege and highlighting the work still to be done. Trans women facing intersectional oppressions of racism, poverty, and misogyny are the heart of our community and we all really need to squad up around them and make sure they're taken care of first; after all, won't the rest of us be better off as a side effect?

total derail: i recently published a feminist piece that downplayed/didn't discuss my nonbinary identity but used trans inclusive language. enough people pissed off by the piece picked up on it that i got transphobic attacks....that assumed i was a trans woman. it was so, so sad to me that transmisogynistic slurs were the most hurtful thing they could think of to say about me. it just made me sad, i love my trans women friends and am not insulted at all to be put in the same category with them, but i'm so sad they have to deal with that crap way more than i do.
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