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Touch Pianist – Tap in rhythm and perform your favourite music

Obligatory predecessor in this style of music visualization, Stephen Malinowski
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This is so enchanting. I love it.
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Fantastic post...I'm loving the utter simplicity of it. Just downloaded the app as well. Makes me feel like I'm actually performing each piece for an audience! Plus there is an amazing library of pieces to choose from, so it's unlikely I'll ever get bored of playing with this.

Bravo to the makers!
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Surprisingly neat for how simple it is.
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So I was playing some fugues, or trying to anyway, for a while. And now all the text on MeFi is scrolling horizontally in my brain and I'm getting seasick. Make it stop!
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Another way to play the piano.
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All this has taught me is that I can't even get the timing of my favorite pieces right, let alone the actual notes.

Gymnopedie No. 1 at 180 bpm is a hoot, though.
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This is very engaging and becomes quite a challenge. Satie being a favorite of mine
I thought I would have no problem...boy was I wrong.
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Oh come on... touch pianist? Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

No? Well, I do have the maturity of a six year old.
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I showed it to my kids and it immediately became a competition about how fast we could go
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Hey, my kid already has one of these.
posted by uncleozzy at 5:11 AM on May 5, 2015

So this is basically Smule's Magic Piano, only in a web app?
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I struggled to only press one key when there were clearly chords on the screen... Now I want to see a multipart, rockband style version!
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Watch out if you're in "perform" mode on Beethoven's "Pathetique", at least on a Windows laptop. It comes out all choppy with next to no sustain, depending on how you click.
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Touch Pianist is one of the latest implementations of an idea that's been around for a long time: technologically-assisted musical performance; here's an historical overview on the subject: The Conductor Program — computer-mediated musical performance.
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I demand Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 because (a) I'm a masochist and (b) I want to pretend I'm Victor Borge.
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I performed John Cage's 4'33" and it was ...perfect.
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