"It’s a song that circles round and around"
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Calexico - "Falling From The Sky" [YouTube] Directed by Mikel Cee Karlsson. Featuring José González.
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Well, I started the video. I am happy that it was official. However that may be, I was uncomfortable with its lack of large-breasted women. What's wrong with kids these days?
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could of used erik ferguson! (or a ribbon worm ;)
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Calexico, for me, is one of those perfect bands. I must have seen them about five times in Atlanta, once had a beer with John Convertino by accident (I didn't know who he was until after when he was onstage). Their live shows are always a must-see.
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In what universe would the guys in Calexico be considered kids?

(She said, as an Tucsonan old-timer herself.)
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Good to see that Cronenberg has branched out to designing sex dolls.
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