She really is a basic queen, Miss Belle...
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Three years after Beauty and the Beat, Todrick Hall takes Belle to the gayborhood, where she runs into RuPaul, Lance Bass, Frankie Grande, and many others.
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I recognize that place. That's the Witch House in Beverly Hills.
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I still prefer Bonjour Girl. It has sewing and crack pipes- it's like Pretty in Pink but if the dress looked good!
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I love Todrick Hall and would really like to see someone annotate this on So many cameos!
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"She's serving us House on the Prairie realness"

Yup, awesome. Checks out. Please file under "What the Streets Want".
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Love him!!!! This led me to buy tickets to see his Atlanta show this summer!! YAY!!
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Is that the new official West Hollywood ad campaign?
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Am i missing something? I mean, I get it that Hollywood, and by extension Disney, seems to only be able to write bullshit scripts where every woman's self-worth can only be realized through getting a man. But, is trotting out every awful, one-dimensional gay stereotype the best way to point that out?
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