New Scientist article about the Anthrax attacks.
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New Scientist article about the Anthrax attacks. "After months of bungled investigation, it now looks certain that America's anthrax attacks came from within. The implications are terrifying".
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Good link, thanks talos.
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"A career in microbiology can be harmful to your health."
(by Michael Davidson, From the Wilderness Publications)
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Also, in case you missed it elsewhere....
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Increasing funding for 'biodefence'....

'It's a risky strategy when the anthrax perpetrator is thought to be a US bioweapons insider. Richard Ebright, a bacterial molecular biologist at Rutgers University in New Jersey, fears that skyrocketing research could make bioweapons attacks more likely, not less.'
from the linked article on the fpp
i am intrigued as to the motivation behind the anthrax attacks.
that's some top conspiracy action there shuega!
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What is the official moral status of the anthrax perpetrator(s)? He's a terrorist, which sould make him "evil," but if he's also an American that might make him merely "misguided." I really wish the arbiters good and evil in the administration would break their uncharacteristic silence and clarify this issue.
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Everyone knew that to make effective biological wepaons a group needed state sponsorship. No one realized that the state that provided that help would be our own.

From the article briank linked:
But the FBI might be "dragging its feet" in pressing charges because the suspect is a former government scientist familiar with "secret activities that the government would not like to see disclosed," said Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, director of the Federation of American Scientists' Chemical and Biological Weapons Program.

Well that just sucks!
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homunculus: the official moral status of the anthrax perpetrator is, apparently, an American citizen who has committed murder -- and when identified, and evidence corralled, will be charged and tried.

FAS grandstanding notwithstanding.

What's next, are you going to try a moral finesse to ask why we don't bomb New Jersey for "harboring" him?
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The moral of the story ought to be: Bioweapons- let's not go there! But humanity's awfully slow getting the message this time. Maybe we all deserve the "Darwin Award."
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