The first time as tragedy, the second time...
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The first time as tragedy, the second time... Remember last fall when PETA took the University of South Carolina to task over its choice of mascot? Matt Groening's apparently also discovered the school and its famous @$$-Kickin' Chicken. (Warning: RealPlayer or Windows Media Player required, and you'll need speakers, of course.)
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PETA is at it again: grief-stricken over smashing into a deer (although they seem suspiciously more irate over the damage to their car than the unfortunate and supremely ironic demise of their furry brethren), they are suing everyone they can think of for making it possible for too many deer to be alive so that people can shoot them. Or something like that. Hard to keep track of their thought processes. Link from FARK, so this is probably old news to people.

Hmmm.. People for Elk Termination by Automobile?
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hrm. the finest school money can buy... in south carolina = gamecocks. sad
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Personally, I'm hoping that rival school Clemson University will get mentioned on Futurama before the show ends its run on Fox. Some CU alums here at the office are having a good laugh at Homer and Lisa carrying on like this. "I don't want to be a Gamecock!!"
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I mean, that whole hit-a-deer-sue-the-state thing is a joke, right? Really, I just feel sadly about those morons; it seems a bit like suing Darwin's heirs when a piano falls on your head...
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People who Exist for Trolling Americans. Haven't you all figured this out yet?
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Looks to me like another thread headed for Havana with a gun to its head.

I was hoping somebody'd have something to say about Groening mentioning our humble little U. down here in Columbia.
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