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Interview with a fast talker. Interview with a hand model. Interview with a Joss Whedon. Interview with the relentlessly positive. Interview with a cat lady. Interview with a racist.

Interview with a dowdy kitchen man.
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The "racist" one is hilarious!
And it confirms that it's not just me sometimes having trouble with some Australian accents. They can't even understand themselves!
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And apparently the creepy hand model really exists.

Also, I am not making this up, she is giving motivational speeches titled "Hand Jobs" (SFW).

Maybe I shouldn't yet discount the possibility that it's an elaborate art project...
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I remember the fast talking guy from the Federal Express commercials. He was quite annoying to me in the commercial, but I really like him in this interview. Seems like a good guy with a sense of humor. The hand model was a bit prissy for my tastes. The relentlessly positive woman is relentless about the point that when you have a business, you open the door for potential customers. The racist one I still cannot understand. No Asians or no agents? Probably both. I could not stop focusing on his tuft of hair and his gut sticking out of his shirt at the end. I also like the last one from the BBC. Making fun of yourself usually works well.
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What, no vampires?
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Pff, that fast talker has nothing on this fast talker (go to 1:40)
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In the same vein, this collection of imgur "This is my job/life" posts is fascinating.
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