Your internet is bathing in the world's oceans
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Sharks are trying to kill your cat gifs and other facts about the Internet's undersea cables.
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Sending and receiving signals to and from space takes time. Meanwhile, researchers have developed optical fibers that can transmit information at 99.7% the speed of light.

Oh, good. That's much faster than radio waves propagate.
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(And yeah, I actually get the point they're trying to make. It's just not made at all well.)
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Sharks, man. *shakes fist*
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Besides the terrorist with snippers mentioned, you have to assume that the submarine powers have contingency plans for snipping cables strategically in the event of hostilities.
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I don't want facts. I prefer to imagine that my internet cables were laid by Tony Stark in a super suit.
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Obligatory link to Mother Earth, Motherboard.
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Fortunately, the cables have not yet been found by sharks with frikken lasers.
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Just as we try to make sharks to be the sympathetic victim of human fear-mongering, they go after my selfies!
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A beautiful map of undersea cables.
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Submarine cables are just one of those things I can happily lose hours clicking around and reading up on. Fascinating stuff. Can't not link here.
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Oh, actually Greg's Cable Map was the one I meant to link. More info on bandwidth here and more detail on landing points.
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