"the traditional binary, though the assumptions behind it are pervasive
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The Seduction Of Normalcy - Diana Arterian reviews poet Maggie Nelson's The Argonauts
The most radical thing about The Argonauts is not Maggie Nelson’s love affair with her genderfluid partner, Harry Dodge, or the fact that she mentions ass fucking and Wittgensteinian paradoxes on the first page. It’s true: Nelson is more than willing to give us searingly intelligent musings on philosophy, scenes of love, raunchy sex, her thoughts on queerness—and does so, often. But while these topics are hugely important, requiring continual probing from the world’s radical citizens, they are rarely as ghettoized as motherhood, procreation, children, and family are in the creative world and academia. Where most writers would hold back, Nelson lopes forward: “I was ashamed, but undaunted (my epithet?).”
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I am eager to read Maggie's book -- thanks for posting this. Harry Dodge is also a brilliant and creative writer/performer.
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What a splendid, thoughtful review (I will go off and read the others in a moment). I'm a little afraid to read the book and also look forward to reading the book, which seems like an appropriate mix of feelings. Thanks for the post.
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Ordered. Very much looking forward to it.
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Wow, the reviews make this sound intense.
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This sounds amazing! Can't wait to read it.
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I'm really interested in reading this as well. As an intersex trans guy married to an intersex trans woman, I think a whole lot about a lot of the issues mentioned (" If you’re queer and have given birth, you are a “breeder” according to some in the radical queer population—or, to many in the conservative camp, destroying the nuclear family.") I've had my share of experiences online of being attacked as heteronormative, though in RL, my spouse and I are in fact rarely read this way at all--I've been barred from accompanying her to a hospital procedure, for example, by staff who refused to believe we could be married.

Anyway, I'll order the book--thanks for the post.
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